A dialogue

Read and complete the dialogue (and enjoy it!):

American: Excuse me! Do you ___________ the time, please?

Briton: Er…, yes. It’s……a __________ past ______.

American: Excuse me?

Briton: It’s a _________ past two. Two fifteen.

American: A quarter after two. ________. And can you tell me the way to the train station?

Briton: The railway station? It’s not far, about five minutes walk. Down there, towards the centre. Would you ________ me to show you?

American: Oh, thanks. That’s real ______ of you. My train leaves at a quarter before three, so I have plenty of time, don’t I? Do you _______ here? It’s a really cute place, isn’t it?

Briton: Yes, I do live here. ______   _______ a nice place, yes.

American: Did you ever go to the United States?

Briton: No, I haven’t been to America. Have you been here before?

American: No. It’s _____ first trip. I_______ visiting with some friends.

Briton: Have you seen much?

American: Oh, yeah. Lots! I saw everything in London, and then I went to Edimburgh, and York, and Bath, and Stratford-on-avon…

Briton: Why did you come here?

American: My ancestors were from here. I came to check out the church register. The minister was very helpful. He xeroxed some pages for me to take home.

Briton: That’s great. Well, there’s the station. Have a _______ journey. It was nice to meet ______. Goodbye!

American: It was nice meeting you too. So long!______ _________.