Adolescence, is it happy period?

What’s your opinion?

Some opinions of guys like you…

It’s the best

In my opinion, adolescence is the best time of our lives: school, friends, sweets and playing the fool! We can really have fun and we should make the most of it! Of course there are difficult times (particularly for our parents) but we all get used to it.

Mathilde, Paris, France


It depends…

Personally, I think that adolescence is a happy time of life, but it depends on what sort of parents you have. If they are ‘cool’, it’s a happy time, but if they are not, lots of luck!

Aurélien, Ham, France



Of course adolescence is a happy time, with all its joys and discoveries… it’s a time when we can have fun. Teenagers have a lot of depressing and dark times, but I think is normal. ‘Adolescence is the springtime of life’.

Marie, Lyon, France


A bad time

Personally, I think adolescence is a bad time because you often have problems with your family and with your friends. You are more interested in your boudy, your clothes or your hair than in school or your family. We are very selfish in adolescence…

Elsa, Madrid, Spain


Too many problems

I think that adolescence gives us too many problems. We have to study a lot and we have a lot of responsabilities. But, at least, our parents look after us!

Jaime, Seville, Spain


A marvellous time

I think that adolescence is the best time or our lives. It is when we enjoy ourselves with friends, and when we begin to discover the world. It is a marvellous time.

Anna, Barcelona, Spain