Reading exercise

Gavin is a student from Cardiff College. He is spending a year in the Sorbonne University in Paris. After a few weeks in Paris he wrote a letter to his friends at the college:

Dear all: I am writing this letter in my room and I can see the river Senne from my window. It’s beautiful. I am staying in a Student Hotel some miles from the centre of Paris. I’ve got a big room and I use it as a bedroom, a study and a sitting-room. I share a big kitchen with the other students in the hotel. I sometimes cook here but I usually have my meals at the University. The food is good and quite cheap. The University is about two stops from here on the metro. It only ten minutes to get there so that’s easy. Most of the other students cycle, but I haven’t got a bycicle yet. I’m enjoying myself very much. Paris is a fascinating city, I really like walking around the old parts. It’s very different from Cardiff. Do write if you have time. All the better.

Yours, Gavin