Board Games to practice grammar

Different types of boards to practice grammar.


  1. It is an individual game.
  2. The player rolls the dice and moves the marker.
  3. Answer the question.
  4. The rest of the players check if the answer is correct.
  5. If it is correct, the player can stay in that space; if it isn’t the player must move to the last space.


  • Who’s going to start? ¿Quién va a empezar?
  • Whose move is it? ¿a quién le toda?
  • What colour do you want? ¿qué color quieres?
  • Whose go is it? ¿quién va?
  • Is it my turn? ¿es mi turno?
  • Roll the dice: Tira el dado.
  • Move two spaces: Mueve dos casillas.
Tablero, traducir
Tablero, Irregular verbs
tablero, Información personal
tablero, Frases pasado
Tablero, going to