Learning English through speaking games

Special hobbies

The whole group or pairs.

Everybody uses their initials (name or surnames) for making up an imaginary hobby or profession. E.g.García Hernández: Ghost hunter. Inés Blázquez: Imitating Bulls. (Encourage students to be creative).

The rest of the people can ask lots of questions about this hobby or job.

Language experts

Groups of four people

Three people say one syllable each (e.g. PO-TI-RU) and the fourth one tries to explain what is a Potiru. The rest of the group can ask questions about it.

Tell me about

The whole group or pairs

One person in the pair asks about a topic (e.g. (Could you) tell me about elephants) and the other one starts to speak about it. Quickly, the first person interrupts with other questions with nouns which appear in the story.

The more often the storyteller is interrupted, the more fun it is.



A student writes a sentence and says his/her classmate (e.g. I flew my father’s plane to Paris yesterday). The mate asks about that information (yesterday?). Quickly the other one must correct it («well, actually it was not yesterday but a week ago) and repeat the sentence ( «I flew my father’s plane to Paris a week ago»).

They do the same with each part of the sentence and they turn it into a new one.



The pairs have a picture. One student is the optimist one and the other is the pessimist one. They must perform dialogues which start with these two adverbs.

Yes, but…

In pairs or small groups

-If I get the money from the bank, I`ll buy a  new car

E.g. «Yes, butIfyouboughta new car, you would spend more money in petrol»