Pronunciation: past simple in regular verbs

Here you have some exercises to pronounce correctly ‘Past simple tense’ in regular verbs.

Listen to the past simple verbs:

/d/ lived

/t/ liked

/Id/ started


Listen to the verbs and pay attention to the -ed sound. Complete the table.

  • asked
  • changed
  • checked                  /d/:
  • discovered
  • invaded
  • invented                 /t/:
  • practiced
  • preferred
  • stayed                    /Id/:
  • visited
  • wanted
  • watched


Listen and repeat the sentences:

  1. We stayed in Morocco last month.
  2. She asked her teacher a question.
  3. They visited New York last year.


Write the verbs in past simple and organise them according to the endind:

Work          Miss          Want          Enjoy          Paint          Stay

Rob            Like           Rain           Stop           Need          Start

Watch         Wash         Help          Jump          Change       Live

Call            Phone        Cook          Invite         Offer          Land

/t/                                           /d/                                          /Id/