English and American culture

Welcome to this fantastic adventure!

You are going to start the game. Only you have to pass the tests of the game; when you pass one of them, tell it to your teacher and you will be able to do the next one.

You are going to live a lot of moments where you will have to use your English knowledge to learn about English and American culture and win the game.

Good lucky!!

This project has several stages.

Test 1:

You have in your hands the activities of the Riverside Church in New York.

Answer the next questions:

          • What time is the Service of Footwashing?
          • When is the Easter service?
          • Where is the Good Friday Service?


Test 2:


You are a very important detective and have to look for into the newspapers the necessary information to pass this test.

Be quick!


Test 3:

How wonderful is to travel! Now you are visiting Dublin. You are in an Irish Pub (number 23) and you need to go to Trinity college to fulfil the next mission. How can you go?

How wonderful is to travel! Now you are in the University of London and you want to go to the Imperial War Museum.Tell me three monuments you pass to go and the name of the bridge.

How wonderful is to travel! Now you are visiting New York. You are in Central Park and you need to go to Fashion Institute of technology. You take the subway to 28st with 7avenue. Which colour is the subway line?

Test 4:

4.1. You have seven sentences of lyrics song in English. Look for the title and the singer/s.

4.2. Do you have the name and the singer of each song? Now you’ll have to learn the lyrics and dance the chorus of the round song.

Are you ready?


Test 5:

 Now, we’re going to study English culture. You have to do a poster with the main information of your topic.

Topics: Famous sites, Royal ceremonies and traditions, Holidays and Festivals, Food, Sport, British writers and musicians, Famous Brits.

5.1. The presentation. 


The final product:

The board: