Fashion, clothes….

Let’s go shopping!!! What’s your opinion?

1. Talk about the clothes you are wearing today. Do you like them? Why? / Why not?
2. Do you like to watch fashion programmeson TV? Why? / Why not?
3. Where is your favorite place to go shopping for clothes?
4. People wear clothes for many reasons. What are some of these reasons?
5. Would you like to own your own clothing store? Why? / Why not?
6. What kinds of clothes do teenagers like to wear in your country?
7. Do you ever wear jewelry? Why? / Why not?
8. How were clothes different 100 years ago?
9. Talk about the clothes you wore yesterday. Do you like them? Why? / Why not?
10. Do you like to go shopping for new clothes? Why? / Why not?
11. Do you think animals look cute when they wear clothes? Why? / Why not?
12. What are some of your favorite brands of clothing?
13. Do you ever buy fashion magazines? Why? / Why not?
14. Do you ever wear hats? Why? / Why not?
15. How will clothes be different 100 years in the future?